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Google Buzz is included a new feature Reshare which is quite similar to Twitter’s Retweet or Tumblr’s Reblog. Now, the users of Google Buzz can use the Reshare or we may call it Rebuzz even its not the official word” to share the interesting stuff like posts with the followers just in two clicks as Reshare and then Post. The Reshare is the 16th feature which is added to Buzz with in 15 weeks of launch.
The Reshare of Buzz also allows users to add their personal comment at the top of post and send that to the followers but it does not permits to edit the post itself while re-sharing. The functionality to add personal comments through Reshare in Google Buzz is more likely to Tumblr’s Reblog rather than Retweet.

Reshare in Buzz also provide access to the original author of the post which is shared and also gives a complete list of people who shared that post.

Reshare in Google Buzz is only enabled for the public posts not for the private posts but users can select some specific group of followers with which they want to Reshare some stuff and that is why Reshare is a two clicks process, first select a public group if you want and then Post it.

Google is rolling out the Reshare to all of Buzz users and within a short time about all users will have access to Reshare in their Google Buzz.


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